Tinkering Camp-July 31

Anna-Future Engineer

On July 31, 2015 several members of the HOT Team worked hard to end the Robotics Camp at Milford
Cooperative Preschool with a bang! We began to teach the group about gears by building with Legos and making a propeller with paper. This activity was to teach them the difference between speed and strength with the different order/formation of gears. Before we even got to demonstrate our robots, a few of the campers were able to tell us about the gears! Once our

HOT Team Presenters with Tinkering Campers

beginning activity was over, we gathered and gave a presentation on the progression of Robotics. Then we broke into three groups. They consisted of letting the kids drive one of the robots, playing catch with another robot, and building with Legos. The kids were very excited and loved the diverse robots; they especially loved the balloon animals made from one of our robots. I’ll see you at Milford Memories in a week!-Sara Schang