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IRI-July 16-18

The HOT Team traveled to Indiana to compete with the top FIRST robotics teams in the

Brandon is our electrical pit-man

Kaden Noodles His Way to the IRI Finals

world in the Indiana Robotics Invitational.  It was a lot of fun to compete with

Happy “Team Scouters”

teams that are old friends and to make alliances with teams we haven’t worked with very much in the past.  The competition was intense.  Scores often exceeded 300 points!  (Imagine that, when we were excited about a score of 70 at our first district event.)  Our team showed continuous improvement throughout the competition.  Finishing the competition with a 3 tote autonomous and 2 stacks of 6 totes topped by a noodled can.  We were selected as a member of the 3rd seed alliance by team 118 (Robonauts),  2826 (Wave), and 1640 (Sa-BOT-age).  Kaden did an awesome job waving noodles for the alliance. The alliance finished as IRIfinalists.  Our team members had a good time and made many new friends.

Commerce Rd Clean-up – July 11


Summer Adopt A Road

The HOT Team participates in the Oakland County Adopt A Road Program.  We are responsible for a 2 mile section of Commerce Rd between Milford Road and Hickory Ridge.  It makes us feel good that we can make our community a little more beautiful as we get to know our teammates better.

MARC-June 19-20

MARC Drive Team-Dani, Kaden and Noah

Congratulations to the HOT team; and their partners teams 33, 910 and 5436; on another finalist finish in the Michigan Advanced Robotics Competition this weekend.  The HOT Team was the first pick of team 33 the 1st ranked alliance captain.  Everybody who attended the event performed awesomely.  Chad did a great job scouting and accepting our selection.  Brandon made sure there was always a fresh battery in the robot.  Franklin and Kaden kept all of the bolts and chains tight, the gearboxes loose (with help from Adam-thank you for coming out on Friday) and repaired a lot of wear and tear on the robot (literally, we discovered a lot of the lexan and aluminum connectors had torn almost all the way through).   Marlina re-programmed the autonomous robot code for a extra short autonomous zone (and worn carpet).  Noah, Dani and Kaden were consistently putting up two 6 stacks with cans and noodles (and time to spare).  They put up the tournament top score of 230 in the semi finals.  The team showed great poise in match two of the finals when several calls did not go our way – forcing us to play a 3rd final match.  I think this shows that they real winners!  Way to show your gracious professionalism team!

Thank you Ray for transporting and feeding us, Ron for his continued support and Rodney for coaching,

A special and huge thank you to our graduated Seniors (Nathan, Donovan, Rennie, and Paul) who took the time to be our mentors at MARC.  Our success this weekend was in large part due to your guidance.


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