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Fall Road Clean Up

IMG_20150926_113336_402On September 26, the HOT Team did a road clean up on Commerce between the YMCA and Hickory Ridge.  We split into groups each going different directions.  It was fun walking and talking with friends as we worked to make this section of road cleaner.  My group found a number of “treasures.”  The first was a antique sign.  Next we found a hub cap that will become a Captain America shield.  The last treasure was a circit board that may have belonged to a car.  Some other findings were golf balls, bottles of who knows what and a broken bumper.    – Erick Smith



Highland Library LEGOs and eLectronics

On the twenty-first of August the Heroes of Tomorrow hosted yet another Highland Library Lego Event. The event was held for kids of elementary school age to learn about FIRST Robotics programs like FIRST Lego League by building and playing with Lego Mindstorms. Many HOT team members and Mentors were present to talk to the kids and help have fun. While the younger kids had fun designing and building Lego structures, some were more excited to learn about circuits. But at the end of the day, the HOT team hopes that the kids that came to the Highland Library event enjoyed themselves enough to come back to another event and sign up for a FIRST program this school year.

-Mary Buzolits

Team 2230 Visit


Ron Receives Banner from 2230

Orr and his father from Team 2230 visited with the HOT Team and Truck Town on August 30 at the Truck Town build facility.  They were visiting Chairman’s Award, Hall of Fame  and Championship winning FIRST teams; science and technology museums; and air shows in the Eastern United States.  It was very interesting hearing how FIRST is conducted in Israel.  We were presented a banner made by Shir (a member of 2230’s chairman’s team).  It was a great honor to be included on this trip.

Huron River Clean-up


Huron River Clean-up

Huron River Clean-up

On Saturday, August 15, the Huron River Cleanup took place. The Upper Huron River is said to be one of the cleanest watersheds in the United States. Among the volunteers, there were 37 HOT Team members, who had all had gotten out of bed at 6 O’clock in the morning to paddle down the Huron River and pick up items ranging from bottles and cans to metal poles, shoes , and book bags. In the end the cleanup was worth the early hours because you still got to see many beautiful parts of nature and to help clean it up too; the free lunch of Coney Dogs and patch also helped.-Franklin Jeffery


On August 7-9, 2015, the HOT team participated in Milford Memories.  The team set up in downtown Milford with lots of LEGOs and a variety of robots. Members of the team engaged with kids with several different activities.   They built buildings and cars with LEGOs, made balloon animals HOT Bot

with the help of the robot, C.A.S.E.Y, and shot balls with the 2012 and 2014 robots.  The OVMS FTC bot was also on display.  The kids had a lot of fun and enjoyed playing with all the different robots. See you at the next event!

-Melissa Brei

HOT Team Green’s GM

Two articles on recycle projects which some of the students and mentors of the HOT team worked on.  (Using old shipping pallets to build Osprey nests and vegetable garden boxes)  

Osprey Nesting Platforms Installed at MPG – Track the Chicks!
As Michigan’s osprey population continues to rebound, the Department of Natural Resources is tracking the revitalization of this species in southern Michigan through monitoring efforts. This year, four osprey chicks from area nests were outfitted with “backpack” GPS/GSM telemetry units. Funded by donations from DTE Energy, Huron Valley Audubon and Michigan Osprey volunteers Martha Wolf and Barb Jensen, these units will help scientists track the young birds’ daily movements and seasonal migration patterns.

The chicks were hatched in nests on platforms at Kensington Metropark in Milford and Sterling State Park in Monroe. Jensen worked with MPG to place two osprey platforms on our campus. The HOT (Heroes of Tomorrow) Robotics Team built the platforms out of scrap pallets, the utility poles are scrap poles from the Well# 8 project (electrical lines were re-located and several poles were abandoned). The platforms were installed earlier this year. The partnership with Michigan Osprey is an important part of MPG’s Wildlife Habitat Certification goals. Hopefully one of the GPS’d chicks will find a nesting place at MPG!



Anyone can follow the movement of the birds by visiting the Michigan osprey website here . Move the cursor along the route to see GPS coordinates and time and date information for each leg of an osprey’s journey. The youngsters will begin their migration in early to mid-September. It likely will be a couple of years before they return, since ospreys generally spend their first two years or so in Central America and South America before returning northward to nest.

Vegetable Gardens at MPG
Vegetable gardens were installed at the B30 Nature Area. The cafeteria is harvesting the organically grown vegetables and herbs for use in the MPG cafeteria!





Tinkering Camp-July 31

Anna-Future Engineer

On July 31, 2015 several members of the HOT Team worked hard to end the Robotics Camp at Milford
Cooperative Preschool with a bang! We began to teach the group about gears by building with Legos and making a propeller with paper. This activity was to teach them the difference between speed and strength with the different order/formation of gears. Before we even got to demonstrate our robots, a few of the campers were able to tell us about the gears! Once our

HOT Team Presenters with Tinkering Campers

beginning activity was over, we gathered and gave a presentation on the progression of Robotics. Then we broke into three groups. They consisted of letting the kids drive one of the robots, playing catch with another robot, and building with Legos. The kids were very excited and loved the diverse robots; they especially loved the balloon animals made from one of our robots. I’ll see you at Milford Memories in a week!-Sara Schang

YMCA Science Week-June 30

Natalie and Joey show of their Bots

Today we attended the YMCA Science Week. We presented to kids about Jr. FLL, FLL, FTC and FRC. We also talked about how a simple circuit works and what robotics is all about. Then the kids got a hands-on experience with some of the robots. The kids were able to drive a robot around and play with an ultrasonic sensor. In the end the kids had a fun time learning and playing with robots. -Natalie Heywood


Highland Twp Library-LEGOs and Electronics-June 23, July 26, August 29

Joey demonstrates the Makey-Makey

Jakob teaches Snap Circuits

HOT Team members encourage young builders at the Highland Township Library. HOT Team members guide young patrons as they experiment with Snap Circuits, Makey Makey, MIDI controllers, and Blockley.  HOT Team members also provide encouragement as the makers make creations out of LEGOs that will be on showcase at the library for the following month.

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