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HOT Team Governance


Board of Directors

A Board of Directors, with associated by-laws, handles HOT team governance, financial commitments, personnel, sponsors, and ensures continuity of team dynamics. The Board is comprised of representatives of parents, schools, mentors, and sponsors, serving 2-3 year terms, staggered to keep continuity.  Commitments for team fundraising, events, or other expenditures of money or student participation must be pre-approved by the Board to ensure that commitments remain true to the team mission and have adequate staffing and funding.The Board selects four officers: the Chairperson runs Board meetings; the Secretary maintains meeting minutes; the Parent Communication Chair keeps parents notified of team events and parent-related responsibilities; the Treasurer makes sure all team funds are properly accounted for. A voluntary student leadership board makes recommendations to the Board on various team issues. The team maintains a bank account for managing fundraising and grant monies, and a school district account for managing student “Pay to Play” funds. We are a nonprofit entity in Michigan and have applied for Federal 501(C)(3) nonprofit status to allow team and potential donors the associated tax advantages.

Org Chart

The Board selects a Team Leader to lead day-to-day activities, which are grouped into Engineering and Communications sub-groups, with mentors assigned to each group. Mentor selections are subject to Board approval, within a mentor code of conduct. Student participation criteria are established by the Board, including a student code of conduct and disciplinary procedures.