HOT Head



Student members of the HOT Team machining group work with mentors in the GMPG central machine shop. Students learn to use band-saws, shears, breaks, grinders, buffing machines, the Eisele saw,  ProtoTrak CNC Bridgeport mills, manual lathes, EZ Path CNC Lathes, TIG welder, and FLOW Jet water jet.  Students apply the skills they have learned to produce components for the HOT-Bot, the HOT cart, the practice playing field and CASEY (the team community service robot)  with these tools.


The Lathe

The lathe is used to shape pieces of metal by holding, rotating, and cutting them.

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The Mill

The mill uses a cutting process to remove excess metal from a piece.

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The Drill Press

The drill press is a mounted drill used to create holes in pieces of metal.

The Band Saw

The band saw is used to make curved or irregular cuts in sheet metal.

The Grinder

The grinder is used to remove excess metal by grinding it off.

The Brake

The Brake is used to bend sheet metal.

The Shear

The shear is used to make straight cuts in sheet metal.

The Belt Sander

The belt sander is used to remove burrs and smooth out the edges of a metal piece.