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Are you interested in learning how things work? Do you like to make things run? Then the electrical team is the place for you! Master the skills of crimping and soldering. Learn how to work high tech electrical components such as the power distribution panel, the ROBOrio, the voltage regulator module, pneumatics control module and so much more. Learn the difference between banebot 775 motors and CIM motors. Work with knowledgeable, experienced mentors and veteran team members. Get hands on experience with the robot and obtain valuable skills for the future. Being on the electrical team will help you to develop and grow as a person as you learn to troubleshoot problems, correct and learn from your errors and create new ideas and solutions to problems you will encounter along the way. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then head on over to the electrical team!


2015 FIRST Robotics Electrical Design
2016 Updates and New Features

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