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HOT Communication Group

The Communication Group has a variety of responsibilities on the HOT team. Members are responsible for team publicity.
They work on projects to help spread the word about our team. They also write essays and fill out documents for award submissions.
Creating the animation and promotional video for the robot each year are important tasks that they have to fulfill.
In addition, Communication members are in charge of managing the website and social media for the HOT team.

Resources WebIDEs

Website Resources

Recommended IDEs

These are applications that can be used to edit the website source code.

Microsoft Expression
Adobe Dreamweaver ($$)


Microsoft Expression
Adobe Dreamweaver
Git: Ignoring and Merging Presentation   ---   (xps)
Site Formatting Guides
Good Luck!

The HOT team uses a variety of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Tutorials for these sites are below. social media
Facebook Tutorial
Twitter Tutorial
Google + Tutorial
Examples of Past Chairmen Award Winners
Award submission
Proper use of social media

Video Editing/ Other Resources

HOT Team 67 You Tube Videos


Autodesk Education Home (includes free animation software and tutorials):

Chief Delphi:

FRC Top 25